Saturday, October 2

hat's off

Someone once told me "I never trust a woman in a hat, chances are she's hiding something." While I can't attest to whether or not there's any truth to that statement, I can tell you that a good hat can make a woman utterly charming and irresistible, and a little mysterious. A recent trip to Oakland to visit my longtime BFF, and a quick glimpse of her growing vintage hat collection, and I was officially obsessed. Now I'm patiently waiting for the fall weather to arrive so I can bring out my favorite wide-brimmed felt hats.

from top to bottom: Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, Elizabeth Weinberg editorial shoot, Pierre Cardin Spring 2011 Collection, Jean Seberg in Breathless, musician Diane Birch, Alexa Chung, Urban Outfitters fedora, Jessica Simpson hat on Fashiontoast

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