Tuesday, August 31

channeling Godard

For anyone who knows me it's no secret that I'm more than slightly obsessed with Jean Luc Godard or anything reminiscent of Paris in the 60s. Totally love this spread for Marie Claire France, September 2010 (starring Cintia Dicker and shot by Anne Menke)

virtual nostalgia

this will blow your mind,
I guarantee it.

interactive film by Chris Milk for Arcade Fire
(google images of the neighborhood I grew up in)

Monday, August 30

not quite there yet...

Considering it finally feels like summer in Los Angeles, I am definitely not ready to even think about fall. These images from the Wilfred FW10 collection at least make the transition a little easier to bear. I can't get enough of the soft watercolor backgrounds and neutral color palette.

Summer, please stick around just a little bit longer, though. thank you.

belated birthday weekend

For my 29th birthday I wanted to get all of my nearest and dearest friends out of LA. Being a desert girl who loves nothing more than swimming pools, sunshine and 110 degree weather, what better place than Palm Springs? We had a fantastic time, stayed at the Ace Hotel, drank summer cocktails and thoroughly enjoyed being in the company of good friends. (I also took my first ride on the new bike!)

More photos to come...

Thursday, August 26

girls on bikes

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend surprised me with a vintage bicycle (with the intent that we would fix it up together.) This is quite possibly the nicest thing a boy has done for me pretty much ever. Once it was time to get down to business and make some design decisions, of course the first place I turned was to my beloved style blogs (I'm a form over function girl through and through). Warren is doing his best to convince me that my new hobby will require me to trade in my heels in favor of sneakers, but he is sorely mistaken. Here are some of my favorite examples of stylish girls on stylish bikes.

clockwise from top left: outlier clothing, urban weeds, cherry blossom girl, facehunter, audrey hepburn on about.com

Wednesday, August 25

poketo + target

While running my usual errands last night, I stumbled upon the Poketo for Target collaboration. How did I not hear about this earlier??? My favorite artists like Lisa Congdon and Mike Perry have put their stamp on affordable and stylish items such as phone cases, umbrellas, tote bags and wallets. If I wasn't pinching pennies to offset a summer full of adventures, I would have swooped up the whole collection.

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