Friday, May 28

bc's los angeles showroom featured on design*sponge!

I've been an avid reader of Design*Sponge since the blog first started way back in 2004 or so. I am so delighted and flattered that they showcased my work on the BC Los Angeles showroom design in their "before and after" feature. So many people worked really hard on that room and I'm so proud to show off the finished product! See the full feature here.

Monday, May 17

"good design is as little design as possible" -dieter rams

Over the weekend I watched Objectified, the industrial design documentary from the brilliant filmmakers behind Helvetica. Whenever I watch films like this I get newly inspired and excited about being a designer. Here's one of the excerpts from the film that really resonated with me, but I highly recommend that you go out and watch it yourself!

"A big definition of who you are as a designer, it's the way that you look at the world. It's one of the curses of what you do, is that you're constantly looking at something and thinking 'Why is it like that and not like this?' and so in that sense, you're constantly designing." -Jonathan Ive, Sr. VP Industrial Design, Apple

Friday, May 14

wedding design: elaine & phal

After 14 years, Elaine and her fiancé Phal tied the knot in our friend Alice's lovely backyard in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Alice and I took this opportunity to indulge our inner romantics by making garlands out of floral print fabric, tissue paper and fake flowers, and stringing them all from the trees. Alice also drew the most adorable cake toppers and I did the wedding photography. Plus, our wardrobe stylist friend Adria was on hand to make sure everyone looked fabulous at all times. Elaine is a smart bride for counting an art director, illustrator and wardrobe stylist among her closest friends!

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