Thursday, June 30

Beet Cake

If all recipes came in the form of gorgeous videos like this, I would probably cook a lot more often.

Wednesday, June 29

on my wish list...

Last night the boy and I had a lively debate about exploitation of indigenous cultures for the purpose of fashion. This is a tough issue for me. I took enough ethnic studies courses in college to be self-aware when it comes to issues of cultural appropriation, but as a designer and collector of beautiful things, I also find myself drawn to relics from many cultures and religions other than my own. I like to think that there is a way of adopting elements of other cultures without being exploitative, but rather honoring and celebrating them. What do you think?

Anyway, this whole debate was spurred on because I told him I wanted one of these beauties to hang on my wall.


one more for the blog roll...

When I first started riding my bike and was scouring the internet for examples of other design-minded, bike-obsessed ladies like myself, Erin of Calivintage was a breath of fresh air. In a world dominated by competitive roadies and hardcore fixie riders, there's not much of a space for ladies who like to ride in style. Erin is not only stylish, but she's also earned her chops as a cyclist, touring the California coast with her boyfriend last summer.

Now we can get a daily dose of stylish ladies on two wheels thanks to Erin's new Tumblr project, Bikes & Babes. And yours truly is proud to be featured right here!

summa time

I normally try to keep my work life separate from my personal blog...except when I get to make things at work that I'm just so excited to share. Like when I got to make this video lookbook shot by my main squeeze and starring the delightful Katie Horwitch. And soundtrack by White Sea? It doesn't get any better than this, right? Bring it on, summer!

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